What is a GPO?

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) combine the spend of businesses from diverse industries to achieve better pricing, service levels and account representation from suppliers. Leverage group purchasing in your procurement strategy to receive speed to savings and immediate access to industry-leading solutions. When you partner with Affinity Partners and use its competitive contracts, your company gains more spend under management while transforming your supply chain.

Our Team understands the advantages and how to create savings opportunities as well as selling opportunities via GPO Contracts. We also understand the need for compliance in today’s business climate. The Affinity Partners Team and the contracts we offer are an invaluable tool to help create supply chain advantages and selling opportunities to increase revenue.

Two distinct advantages: Lower cost of Supply Chain by building efficiencies and purchasing via Affinity Partners at reduced national discounts AND opportunity to increase revenue exponentially by selling via Affinity Partners contracts.

Other advantages include:

  • Existing network of nearly 3,000 Members to purchase from or sell to
  • Oversee and facilitate the contractual process
  • Best-in-class E-marketplace streamlines your purchasing processes
  • Award pre-qualified suppliers via compliant contracts
  • Save time-money-resources
  • Minimize number of suppliers in category
  • Streamlined and simple
  • Offer personalized assistance – work with purchasing and business development teams within your business

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